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Chimney Repair Services in Portland OR

Chimneys can be complicated things. The upkeep they require isn't constant, but it is regular, and expertise is required to get what you need. That is why we provide a fully-featured service for Portland chimney cleaning, repair, maintenance and covers. We also offer dryer vent cleaning. No matter your needs, we offer the finest, most prompt service we can to make sure your chimney is safe and functional!

Looking for chimney repair? We do that. If your chimney has been damaged or has never been up to par, we can help. We proudly offer the most reliable chimney repair in Portland OR and we're eager to be put to the test.

Looking for basic chimney cleaning services? We can put you in touch with a Portland chimney sweep. Portland chimney cleaning is unique. We know the area and the climate of Portland and how this can influence what you need to keep your chimney clean.

Looking for more thorough maintenance? Whether you have fires every day or only for special events, if your chimney hasn't been taken care of, it can vent smoke into your home, or worse, become a fire hazard. We offer a complete array of services to make sure this doesn't happen to you.

Looking for chimney covers? A chimney without the cover it needs can become a headache very quickly for any home owner. We can fit your chimney with a cover appropriate to its construction to make sure it's taken care of before it can become a problem.

Whether you know what you need or are just seeking peace of mind about a chimney in a new home, call us up. We'd love to help!
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